16 fears every Facebook user has!

  1. Typing a person’s name on the status update instead of the search box
  2. Clicking a link/update/ads & get directed to sites which post on your behalf/ message weird things to your friends on your behalf
  3. Talking to friend ‘A’ & finding him/her adding a friend ‘B’ to the chat & even talking to a single person on group chat & finding out later that it’s a group chat!
  4. Facebook Games: Clicking on any of the game requests/ads & landing up on an undesirable site & your friends can see the activity
  5. Playing a FB contest of a brand with customizable appearance (not shown to friends) and it posts on your behalf
  6. When a friend/crush posts ‘5 people who viewed your profile’ post
  7. Changing personal settings/ name of Facebook & getting on your friends’ timeline
  8. Accidentally liking your enemy’s / crushes’ picture
  9. Accidentally adding someone or liking a photo of a person who’s a not a friend on Facebook
  10. Clicking without wanting to on a Candy Crush request on your mobile FB app
  11. Liking an article on sites except Facebook & finding notifications like,
    Your friend XYZ likes your activity -_-
  12. Liking a desirable job update
  13. Being online on office hours while at home
  14. Playing Facebook games with Google Wallet/PayPal?
  15. Liking a weird page on Facebook & getting noticed & greater, getting judged!
  16. Creating an account on any other site through Facebook & getting each activity public! (Shopping sites/ TrueCaller /etc).

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